dont look at me (nolookatme) wrote in beastieboys,
dont look at me

i was all excited to get "the mix up" cd today, so excited that i checked on amazon and was damn pleased that they had audio samples of all the songs there. so i started at the top and...

well, lets just say im not the kinda girl that considers the beastie boys strictly hip hop. theyre straight up bonafide musicians and i can honestly say that even though i hate most everyone else's instrumentals (not a real fan of jam bands) sabrosa, lighten up and groove holmes can make me just bliss out and feel the music. just be with the music. i dont care how hippie that sounded, thats what happens to me.

so here i am all excited for this new album and it seriously sounds like the same song broken up into twelve tracks. just listening to the previews was tedious.

does anyone have the album yet? does it secretly not suck? cause man, i dont know.
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