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The Scenario

Hi...I'm new to this community, and a big fan of the Beastie Boys...I have a problem...I've been trying to find the song "The Scenario" that was in the movie Pump up the Volume...The song was not put on the was also on the original version of License To Ill...Does anyone know where I can find just the song itself, or the original version of License To ill??? I'd be very grateful for anyone that knows where i can find either...thanx...
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I know it was released on a bootleg called "Original Ill" back in the day.
yea...i keep finding listings for that bootleg, but nowhere to buy it or download it...i need that
i got a bootleg called "rare tracks and beast" and i think it's on there in one form or another.must dig that out actually it's been a while
thanx...ill have to look for it under that title
Don't know if you got ahold of the the tune yet, bravo0202, butI have been looking for this song desperately as well...
if any of you have it and are willing to upload, I would appreciate it. :)