The Beastie Boys on charlie Rose

Did anybody catch the beastie boys on charlie rose on PBS last night? i was just flipping around and i saw them!

It wasnt the most informative interview, but any beasties interview is great. it did get a little awkward toward the end! adrock had an attitude and i dont think charlie rose really got it. it was pretty good though...
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1-18 : led zeppelin/jimmy page/robert plant.
19-25 : dita von teese.
26-37 : marilyn monroe.
38-81 : gwen stefani/no doubt.
82-90 : the beastie boys/adam horovitz.
91-93 : quotes [no doubt/the beatles/gwen stefani].
94-95 : dusty springfield.
96-98 : marianne faithfull.
99-102 : cate blanchett.
103 : liza minelli.
104-109 : elizabeth taylor.
110-134 : the beatles/george harrison/ringo starr.

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The Scenario

Hi...I'm new to this community, and a big fan of the Beastie Boys...I have a problem...I've been trying to find the song "The Scenario" that was in the movie Pump up the Volume...The song was not put on the was also on the original version of License To Ill...Does anyone know where I can find just the song itself, or the original version of License To ill??? I'd be very grateful for anyone that knows where i can find either...thanx...
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