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Come and Rock the Sure Shot's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Come and Rock the Sure Shot

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new electronic band nirguna [11 Dec 2010|05:41pm]


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MCA [20 Jul 2009|02:10pm]

don't know if anyone still reads this page, but just thought i'd throw this out there.

MCA has been diagnosed with cancer :o(
I hope he gets better soon. luckily he caught it fast and can put this behind him.

[15 Jan 2009|02:17pm]

[38] The Dark Knight
[06] Alanis Morissette
[14] Bruce Springsteen
[07] Britney Spears
[15] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[04] Kate Bush
[14] Beastie Boys
[30] Madonna
[40] M.I.A.
[03] Sonic Youth

(( Follow me! ))

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[24 Dec 2008|03:56pm]


Stencil Paintings of The Roots, MF Doom, Nas, Aesop Rock, Kanye West, A Tribe Called Quest, Sage Francis, DJ Shadow, Slug, DJ Qbert, Danger Doom, J. Dilla, Mos Def, Talib Kwali, KRS-1, J5, Snoop, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Common, Wu-Tang, and hundreds more!!

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mic to mic; [28 Apr 2008|05:55pm]

just wanted to let you guys know that the mic to mic blog is syndicated here on lj. if you want to add it to your friends page, click here ♥.

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Lyric icons [21 Feb 2008|07:33pm]

Some lyric icons.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

More here.

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The Beastie Boys on charlie Rose [29 Aug 2007|02:40pm]

Did anybody catch the beastie boys on charlie rose on PBS last night? i was just flipping around and i saw them!

It wasnt the most informative interview, but any beasties interview is great. it did get a little awkward toward the end! adrock had an attitude and i dont think charlie rose really got it. it was pretty good though...

(i'm blowing up)

[29 Aug 2007|01:28pm]

1-18 : led zeppelin/jimmy page/robert plant.
19-25 : dita von teese.
26-37 : marilyn monroe.
38-81 : gwen stefani/no doubt.
82-90 : the beastie boys/adam horovitz.
91-93 : quotes [no doubt/the beatles/gwen stefani].
94-95 : dusty springfield.
96-98 : marianne faithfull.
99-102 : cate blanchett.
103 : liza minelli.
104-109 : elizabeth taylor.
110-134 : the beatles/george harrison/ringo starr.

(follow the fake cut)

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The Beastie Boys live in Brooklyn! [12 Aug 2007|11:53am]



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The Scenario [02 Aug 2007|06:38pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hi...I'm new to this community, and a big fan of the Beastie Boys...I have a problem...I've been trying to find the song "The Scenario" that was in the movie Pump up the Volume...The song was not put on the soundtrack...it was also on the original version of License To Ill...Does anyone know where I can find just the song itself, or the original version of License To ill??? I'd be very grateful for anyone that knows where i can find either...thanx...

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new icons over at candylandicons ! [19 Jul 2007|11:01pm]


(follow the fake cut for the rest)

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THE OLIGARCHS [28 Jun 2007|05:22pm]

In the true footsteps of Beastie boys with Russian flavour and english sound.......

Just a few facts for you to know -

1. They are Russians, and the most popular russian hip hop band on myspace.

2. They're rapping in English.

3. They are living and recording in London.

4. They are sponsored by Abramovich (a Chelsea FC owner) as rumoured.

5. They are used to send your country russian oil.

6. Track Made In USSR contains a sample from Russian National anthem along with the famous russian announcer Kirillov's voice sample.

7. Track MODEL GIRLFRIEND is about a having sex with models.

8. They are the authors of new CHELSEA FC hymn called FOOTBALL.

9. They are funny and intelligent.

10. THEY ARE HERE: http://www.myspace.com/theoligarchs

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[27 Jun 2007|06:44am]

i was all excited to get "the mix up" cd today, so excited that i checked on amazon and was damn pleased that they had audio samples of all the songs there. so i started at the top and...

well, lets just say im not the kinda girl that considers the beastie boys strictly hip hop. theyre straight up bonafide musicians and i can honestly say that even though i hate most everyone else's instrumentals (not a real fan of jam bands) sabrosa, lighten up and groove holmes can make me just bliss out and feel the music. just be with the music. i dont care how hippie that sounded, thats what happens to me.

so here i am all excited for this new album and it seriously sounds like the same song broken up into twelve tracks. just listening to the previews was tedious.

does anyone have the album yet? does it secretly not suck? cause man, i dont know.

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virgin festival [20 Jun 2007|08:03pm]

is anybody else here going to this??

virgin festival, aug 4th and 5th

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Electric Worm [20 Jun 2007|09:37am]

Has anybody heard the pre release of 'Electric Worm' from the Beastie Boys new rekkid? Listening to it right now, it's aight, but I hope the whole album isn't like this.

6/ 28 is the official release.

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Searching [03 Jun 2007|09:00pm]


Does anyone know where can be found BBoys albums:

Polly Wog Stew
Cooky Puss
Rock Hard


Thanks for attention(=

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Body Movin Remix mp3 [06 May 2007|10:51pm]

does anybody have an mp3 of the Body Movin' Remix with Redman, Eric Serman, and the Biz?

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hahahahahahaha [02 May 2007|04:25pm]


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this community is too dead. [22 Apr 2007|01:41am]

so i hear the new record's aimed to be released on june 26th.. fucking sick.

i wish they'd drop some clues as to what it's gunna sound like, besides the obvious o-scope cam (if anyone knows about that) guaranteeing instruments. another check your head, i pray..

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B Boys related story [20 Feb 2007|12:10pm]
I figured you might find this amusing.

I was working out this morning so I threw on Check Your Head. Anyways, I recalled a humorous conversation I had one time with one of the girls at work a few years back about types of music we listen to. I like the Pixies, new wave...basically my tastes are varied. She is partial to that ghetto-tastic club music and that fake reggae (which is fine if that's what you like, it's all about personal preference!) and at the time was enjoying an "expose EVERYONE at work to my music whether they like it or not" phase by playing all of her CDs , thereby turning the pharmacy into a club. Anyways, I told her the only rap I like is the Beastie Boys. She put on her best "bad-taste-in-her-mouth" face and made this pronouncement in her snottiest voice: "The Beastie Boys aren't rap! " I temporarily floored but said nothing, since I certainly wasn't going to start a pointless argument at work with an 18 year old. I only said, "well, try telling that to a legion of Beastie Boys fans." She didn't get it...of course.

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