Impybat (impybatz) wrote in beastieboys,

B Boys related story

I figured you might find this amusing.

I was working out this morning so I threw on Check Your Head. Anyways, I recalled a humorous conversation I had one time with one of the girls at work a few years back about types of music we listen to. I like the Pixies, new wave...basically my tastes are varied. She is partial to that ghetto-tastic club music and that fake reggae (which is fine if that's what you like, it's all about personal preference!) and at the time was enjoying an "expose EVERYONE at work to my music whether they like it or not" phase by playing all of her CDs , thereby turning the pharmacy into a club. Anyways, I told her the only rap I like is the Beastie Boys. She put on her best "bad-taste-in-her-mouth" face and made this pronouncement in her snottiest voice: "The Beastie Boys aren't rap! " I temporarily floored but said nothing, since I certainly wasn't going to start a pointless argument at work with an 18 year old. I only said, "well, try telling that to a legion of Beastie Boys fans." She didn't get it...of course.
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why is the only "rap" you like the beastie boys?

and what exactly is "ghetto-tastic club music?"
I dislike a lot of the rap they play in clubs. I absolutely consider the Beastie Boys rap music, but have definately come across people who do not think of them so. I guess it is because they have dabbled in so many other genres. But their New York rhyme style is pretty hard to ignore.